Bienvenid@ a Journal article simulation-based smoking cessation intervention education for undergraduate nursing students. Min sohn, youngmee ahn, heami park, mijin lee nurse education today (impact factor: 0. 91). 11/2011; doi:10. 1016/j. Nedt. generic viagra online 2011. viagra for women uk buy 11. 005 0 votes  ·  0 bookmarks abstract smoking is one of the most important preventable risk factors that contributes to premature death from many tobacco-related diseases. Clinicians should offer and provide effective smoking cessation interventions to their smoking patients. buy viagra canada Yet, few clinicians receive training in smoking cessation intervention. This one-group, quasi-experimental study was conducted to describe a simulation-based training of smoking cessation intervention and to evaluate its effectiveness on nursing students' self-efficacy in performing smoking cessation intervention, based on 5-as recommended by the united states department of health and human services. In addition, nursing students' experience, attitude and perceived barriers of smoking cessation intervention were also described. viagra main office canada Among the 21 students (mean age: 21. 6±2. 0years), 86% were female, 62% were in their third year and 1% were current smokers. Most of students believed the health benefits of smoking cessation (100. 0-66. 7%) and were well educated about health risks of smoking (81. 0-61. 9%). However, few were taught (33. 3-14. 4%) and practiced (28. 6-0. 0%) smoking cessation intervention. Students reported that they should be actively involved in smoking cessation for patients (100. 0-95. 2%), but lack of knowledge and skills were the main barriers (90. 5-85. generic viagra without prescription 7%). generic viagra canada The simulation-based training of smoking cessation intervention improved nursing students' self-efficacy in seven out of nine skills of smoking cessation intervention (mean scores of pre- vs. Post-intervention: 30. viagra mg strength 86±3. viagra discount 80 vs. 34. 05±5. 10; paired t=2. 298, p=. 027). These findings indicate that simulation could be effectively used in teaching smoking cessation intervention education delivered to nursing students. Source: pubmed similar publications potential impact of a pilot training program on smoking cessation intervention for tuberculosis dots providers in malaysia ahmed awaisu, mohamad haniki nik mohamed, noorliza mohamad noordin, noorizan abd. Aziz, syed azhar syed sulaiman, abdul razak muttalif, aziah ahmad mahayiddin 18(3):279-288. · 1. 23 impact factor the effects of a nursing smoking cessation intervention on military students in turkey. S ergul, a b temel international nursing review. 56(1):102-8. · 0. 69 impact factor the anesthesia preoperative assessment: an opportunity for smoking cessation intervention. Sadeq a quraishi, fredrick k orkin, michael f roizen journal of clinical anesthesia. 18(8):635-40. · 1. buy generic viagra 21 impact factor smoking cessation interventions in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and the role of the family: a systematic literature review. Karen a luker, karen i chalmers, ann-louise caress, mar. does viagra pill looks like
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