Law, ethics, and psychotherapy forum archive   return to the active forum re:adjustment disorder????????? generic viagra shipping from canada cheap generic viagra William reid · 04/18/04 at 12:59 et there are lots of topics here that are relevant for this forum. buy viagra viagra uses side effects interactions drugs One of my favorites is whether or not psychiatrists and other mental health professionals should offer expert opinions in legal matters (such as custody cases) and also be (or become) treating clinicians for a litigant. viagra without a doctor prescription discount generic viagra india The answer, reiterated in the association ethical principles/guidelines for both psychologists and psychiatrists, is a pretty clear "no. discount pharmacy viagra viagra uses side effects interactions drugs "in order to understand that issue, one needs to understand a few nuances of the forensic world, such as the difference between "fact" testimony (things one knows directly, such as clinical data from treatment) and "opinion" or expert testimony. viagra canada online no prescription The former is what we all see on tv when witnesses answer the question "what did you see? " or "what did he say? buy viagra online debit card " the latter is special, and requires a witness qualified and authorized by the judge to go beyond what he/she directly experienced. How much does viagra cost in the uk Expert witnesses should be free of conflicts of interest to the extent feasible. If they have been treating the litigant, or later become a treating clinician, they are rightfully considered biased by the court, since a treatment relationship creates a strong duty to act only in the patient's interest (and thus interferes with the witness's ability to be objective in court). buy viagra online That doesn't mean treating clinicians can't be called to testify, but rather that their testimony should be considered in a particular way by the court and (perhaps most important) that their testimony interferes with (current or future) treatment, and vice versa. Viagra lisinopril drug interactions There are situations in which it is difficult to adhere to strict separation of treating and evaluating (expert) clinicians (such as a need to commit a patient for involuntary care, or help a patient apply for disability benefits). buying viagra This almost never applies to divorce/custody cases. The blue pill viagra There are two summary discussions of "treating physician vs. bon jovi viagra women cheap viagra online Bienvenid@ a
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